Portobello Market

You know how beautiful the film Notting Hill is? Sigh. The place on the movie is based ought to be as beautiful. Before anything else about the market or the food – they have the most beautiful street ever - so colorful, so soothing, so clam, so unlike the rest of London! A true delight, it will make your heart sing. (Well the minute I reached Notting Hill, I started humming – “you say it best when you say nothing at all…” :)

When you search for must-visit markets in London or food markets to visit in London, Portobello Market will surely be on the list. Since I was on a work trip with little time to spare, I was not sure if I would visit. But I am glad I made time for it. My first impression was this place looked like so different from the Oxford Street and Regent Street side of London that I frequented during my trip. There was kind of calm in the air, spotted friendly people, people here were not in a rush but had all the time to admire shop, bargain, and, wander.

Simple stalls on both sides of the road All kinds of fancy accessories, shawls and stoles, fancy cutlery, home décor items, handbags and much more! And more amazing than the stalls were the absolutely color coordinated cozy looking buildings. Love love love the colors! I kept walking up and down the street like so many times!!

Regarding the food spotted a lot of places stalls selling fresh and amazing smelling falafel and hummus – was glad to spot so many vegetarian options. Famished after almost covering the whole of marked, I had a delicious falafel wrap at a place called Dogs and Crepes towards the end of the market. Walked back to the market, spotted a young looking girl making crepes, and couldn’t resist having a strawberry Nutella crepe. Maybe I had high expectations, because the final result looked ok, and tasted just ok.

While walking back, spotted some vegetable and fruit vendors and then amongst them spotted a huge stall selling marinated, and an awesome variety of olives, artichokes, mushrooms, feta cheese! Love, love, absolute love at first sight. You can mix whatever combinations you like with the smallest box costing 8 pounds.

Going further, while glancing at some spots, spotted a friendly Indian guy, had a friendly chat, bought a cloth bag from him – learning that I was a foodie, he suggested that I further down the bridge to see the food market before heading back. It is always nice to meet someone from your own land in a faraway country. And yes, I took his advice. There were tons of food stalls ahead serving hot soup, Chinese dishes, Indian dishes, pasta and more. And was super surprised to suddenly hear – Bollywood movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham song play…Just randomly I heard this loud music play and yes it brought a smile on my face :) While heading back, spotted the most stunning and colorful sunset. What a beautiful evening it was.

Brinda Majithia

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