4 reasons you should visit Rustic Holidays

200-year-old house, 125+ acres of ancestral property, surrounded by the greens, stay in mud cottages, experience absolute peace (because of zero connectivity) and most importantly wonderful hosts who make you feel a part of their family. Located on the Goa highway (NH17), it is 310 km from Mumbai.

1. The absolutely family type hosts

“It is good people who make good places.” ~ Anna Sewell 

I realized the depth of this quote it in the 2 days that we spent at Rustic homestay. There are homestays, and there is Rustic Holidays – which is popularly known as Mama Mami Cha Gaon. Yes, there is so much in a name – it sounds personal and it immediately makes you feel at home. 

here are tons of things to do while at Rustic Homes. However, the day we reached there it was pouring cats and dogs – so our activity was restricted to sitting within the house. And we had the most amazing family like time with the whole family – Nitin mama, Shilpa mami and Nitin mama’s parents. We talked about travel experiences, about our childhood days, about how Mumbai is now known for its traffic snarls and increasing pollution levels. How Mumbaikars crave for such homestays away from the city We started chit-chatting after our breakfast and our conversations went on till lunchtime.

The best conversations are when you don’t realize that time is just fleeing and you still have so much more to listen and share.

2. No internet, phones or TV!

“You won’t have phone or internet access up here,” they inform us while we were making our reservations. Yes, yes, we heard you, and it is such a relief :) All set to spend a day without the phone buzzing. Wow.

3. Close to nature 

 Nestled at height of 800 feet above sea level, 135 acres of property, surrounded by lush trees - these traditional houses are referred to as ‘wada’. The houses are made of mud, with cow dung flooring, basic wooden furniture, bore well water for bathing which is heated using solar energy. 

 Look around and you would spot a variety of flowers and birds. Such a sight for the eyes, pleasing to the ears and soothing to the soul.

4. Traditional food preparations - 

Huge kitchen, basic utensils, food is prepared traditionally on a ‘chulla’ with the simplest ingredients – resulted in absolutely yummy food and overeating.

Reach to them at: 

Address: Dhamapur - Tural Rd, Tural, Maharashtra 415609 
Nitin Karkare: +91-9820340332 Shilpa Karkare: +91-9892584332 
Ritesh Navrange: +91Z-9867219006 Sanjay Tilak: +91-9820233917 
Email: info@rusticholidays.co.in Website: http://rusticholidays.co.in/

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