Piccadilly street food

Often you spot the best places accidentally- I was just walking back from a meeting and my eyes wandering, looking for what should I eat for my first proper meal in London. I was passing in Piccadilly, and I spotted this small street food market area which was buzzing. I was intrigued. After completing the work, I came back to the market. 

Located in the grounds of St James’s Church, I saw a variety of stalls with a range of cuisines and I was like yaay lunch is sorted! Garam garam khana instead of the cold sandwiches or wraps! Spent some time strolling, checking each stall deciding what should I devour - spotted Thai, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Korean stalls and I was like wow - so many options!

Realizing my limited options as a vegetarian, I swiftly headed back to the Sri Lankan catering stall. I had read about ‘Kottu’ – preparation of a roti, sauces and vegetables – but never got a chance to try it. Was glad I got to have some hot food in 8 degree weather that I was absolutely not used to! I thoroughly enjoyed my vegetarian kottu - The dish was delicious, good proportion and mildly spiced – do add the sweet and spicy sauce so that the dish is not too dry. Nice area to sit and have a meal all by myself :)

Kuch meetha was missing – no sign of any dessert. Sigh. While leaving, I spotted this sign that the market is only on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Damn. It was already Tuesday when I discovered this place. Anyway, was looking forward to seeing what this place offered for rest of the days. (Check next post to see what they offer on other days, see you there :)

Brinda Majithia

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