Misal lovers in Mumbai rejoice!

Thanks to all my foodie cousins, I had received WhatsApp forward message about Misal festival that is organized by the Youth Cultural Association. This was held earlier in Vile Parle and this time, since it was closer home, I decided to visit. Also, get ready to enjoy this in Malad, Charkop and many places across Mumbai! 

The good part:

The invite – receiving an invite over WhatsApp that has all the information – time, address, main sponsor… WhatsApp has become a primary and quickest source of communication. So, it’s enough to spread the word. 

The variety - I spotted several stalls – there was misal from Satara, Pune, Maharashtra, Kolhapur, Nashik... Misal – I had the Kolhapuri misal, and I like spicy food. However, to be on the safer side I asked them to make it ‘medium spicy’. It turned out to be good. A nice bowl of misal, chopped onions, piece of lemon, fluffy pav, I was all ready to enjoy my misal :) The crunchy part was added to the misal itself. And, instead of the farsan that is common in Maharashtrian style misal, they add a special ‘sev chiwda’. Maybe that gave it a little sweetish taste. Makti was generously added. Not too spicy or oily, I devoured this in few minutes. 

A celebration of food – Obviously, being a foodie, I like such kinda gathering where I get to try food from different places, yaay to food festivals!

What can change for better: 

Price - Any variety of misal is priced at Rs. 80 – yes this is exorbitant! 

Authenticity – Not sure if it was actually they had unique and typical preparations… Would prefer actually seeing one misal different from the other, then just a little variation here and there… 

More to explore – I was talking to one of the stall owners and he informed me that they would be having more such festivals in Malad, Charkop…I can understand a different location would attract a different audience but would be good to have something different, some innovation each time. This would attract the same people and food lovers again as well.

Brinda Majithia

Drool. Devour. Dream. Yea, my life can pretty much revolve around delicious food. Digital marketer by profession, full-time foodie by passion. I cook, I review restaurants, I travel and imbibe and absorb different cuisines and cultures. Get in touch with majithiabrinda@gmail.com




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