About Me

Love is what my mom used to cook especially for me.

Love is how my pops pampered me with delightful dishes

Love is how my great joint family bonded over elaborate meals.

Love is how my friends and I ate out despite being broke

Love is how my husband praised my humble food preparations

Love is the unique recipes my in-laws taught me.

Love is how my colleagues encouraged all my tiffin treats

Love has got to do so much with food

Each relation in our life can be made more delightful with a bit of care, love and food.

Join a veggies journey as I list some of my favorite dishes and must haves. What makes some restaurant special, why do I like trying new dishes, what and where I eat when I travel, what I cook and much more... basically, making memories over meals.

Born and brought up in the maximum city which has maximum eating options for all kinds of cuisines, any kind of dish and whatever budget you have. From raaste ka vada pav to vada pav bao, from dal vada to dimsums, from bhel puri to Chinese bhel, from golas to popsicles, from benarsi paan to paan shots… Well, after all, I am a gujju and we can talk endlessly, dream, travel and basically, be surrounded by food.

Earlier that used to be an embarrassment for me. Of course, there is more to life than food. My boyfriend and now husband (who is a NOT a gujju) made me realize how food was my route to happiness which was not a bad thing! Instead of mere talks, he encouraged and told me to give this passion a direction.

Since I love eating out, traveling and experimenting with dishes and cuisines, this blog features restaurant reviews, some of my tried and tested – mostly quick fuss-free recipes, along with some travel memoirs!

Experimental cook, restaurant reviewer, digital marketer by profession, full-time foodie by passion who loves traveling and exploring different cultures and cuisines!